About Chinkin Design

Chinkin Design are a small, family run business based in the Golden Triangle area of Norwich, Norfolk UK. We provide web design and graphic design services to small businesses in the area and specialise in delivering an affordable service for companies with a relatively low budget.

We are happy to work on any project of any size and any budget and we work with our clients to help them decide on an appropriate budget for the work they require detailing the pros and cons of the choices they make.

Fair Prices

Our prices are low and entirely transparent. We charge by the hour for the work we do and we only work the hours that are agreed in advance. We aim to provide our clients with the best value for money possible by prioritising the work we can do that offers them the most benefit. We work closely with our clients to identify how our design services could help them achieve their goals and ensure that we deliver results for the lowest cost we can.

Mutually Beneficial Service

Our philosophy is that we want to deliver a mutually beneficial service to all our customers. We offer our skills and expertise in order to provide a valuable service to the clients we work with in order to benefit their businesses. At Chinkin Design we are focused on fantastic results and positive outcomes. We want our clients to sing our praises because we deliver an awesome service. We make websites that we and our clients are proud of.

Local, Sustainable & Green

We believe in supporting local businesses so we try to source any materials and services we require as locally as possible; we use local printers and work with a network of local designers and developers. We never outsource any work overseas.

We make websites that stand the test of time by ensuring they use appropriate technologies and design techniques that will not become obsolete.

We use reputable and reliable companies for jobs such as website hosting and printing.