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Our Web Design and Graphic Design Work

Browse the web design and graphic design work that we have produced for our clients in Norwich, Norfolk, East Anglia and the UK. Our designs speak for themselves in demonstrating the work we can do so please visit the websites we have made to get a feel for what Chinkin Design’s services could offer you and your business.

Creativity Develops

creativity develops web design feature image

This local training and development consultancy wanted to capture their ethos and creative approach in their new website. We designed them a website that is visually engaging and actively demonstrates their work.

Website Design

The website is designed around a series of changing images which represent the style and nature of the associated work the company do. Each page has a different background image which has been carefully selected, edited and optimised by chinkin design.

The site required a degree of server-side code to help achieve some of the complex imageary effects and utilises page routing to reveal intuitive, search engine friendly URLs.

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Chinkin Design provide the website hosting and perfom regular updates on the contents of the website through our website maintenance service.

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