Web Design in Norwich, Norfolk & East Anglia

Websites Designed by Chinkin Design are:

  • Cross-Browser Compatible: work in all browsers on all platforms

  • SEO

    Seatch Engine Optimised for high search engine ranking

  • Mobile

    Optimised for mobile phones and tablets including iPhone & iPad

  • Standards Compliant and accessible - comply with the Equality Act/DDA

Quality Web Design

We design websites using a process called Progressive Enhancement (similar to Graceful Degradation) where we first generate all content as semantic HTML that works in even the most basic of text-based web browsers and then progressively add layers of design and functionality through CSS and (unobtrusive) Javascript and JQuery to make the website look jazzy in the latest browsers. Each website we design is robustly tested to ensure that all visitors get to see an appropriate version of your website without bugs, glitches or errors.

Featured Web Design: Norwich Catholic Cathedral

norwich catholic cathedral web design feature image

Norwich Catholic Cathedral wanted a new website to fit their new logo and house style. We designed them a dynamic, database driven website with a rich array of features and functionality and a bespoke Content Management System.

Visually, the site is stylish, colourful and engaging making use of the stunning architecture to provide beautiful backgrounds. Technically the site is powerful, robust and scalable with the capacity to easily add any number of new pages. The cluster based web hosting rapidly serves the site to hundreds of visitors each day without delay.

The client is making full use of both the role based CMS and Chinkin Design’s website maintenance service.

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Chinkin Design offer these web design services:

  • Free Web Design Consultation

  • Website Research & Analysis

    • Keyword Research
    • Domain Name Research
    • Competitor Research
  • Website Content Design

    • Website Page Organisation
    • Web Copywriting
    • Web Page Content SEO
  • Web-Graphic Design

    • Website Layout Design
    • Web image design
    • Web photography
    • Web image optimisation
  • Front End Web Development

    • Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Flash
    • Website cross-browser optimisation
    • mobile and tablet websites
  • Server-Side Web Development

    • Dynamic, database-driven websites
    • eCommerce & Online Shops
    • Secure Websites
    • Content Management Systems
  • Website Publishing

    • Web Domain Registration
    • Website Hosting and setup
    • Email setup
    • Website Launch Parties/Events
  • Website Publicity & Maintenance

    • Website updates and maintenance
    • Website Technical Support
    • Search engine submission
    • Social Media/Social Networking

Ethical Web Design

Chinkin Design are a small and ethical company and specialise in building websites for local small businesses and charities. We strive to deliver a mutually beneficial, honest and effective web design service and prioritise having happy customers over maximising profits.

Our prices are affordable, transparent and agreed in advance of doing any work. We charge by the hour rather than using fixed prices as this represents the best value for money for our customers.


Types of Website Design

There are many different types and sizes of website. At Chinkin Design, we design and build websites of any kind, any size and any budget. We can help you decide what kind of website would benefit you and your business and then design that site for you.

Each website we design is bespoke and may include different features from any of the types of website shown on our Types of Website page which gives you a guide to the different sorts of website we design.


Web Design Process & Services

We want our web design clients to understand the different steps involved in developing their website. This helps inform the web design choices that need to be made so our clients know which of our web design services they will benefit from.

Our Web Design Process page goes through the end-to-end website design process. We explain each step and the sorts of work that might be done at each stage.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is an important part of the web design process as seach engine traffic from a hight search engine ranking is often the life-blood of a website. SEO needs to be considered at every stage of a website’s development.

At Chinkin Design, we optimise each website we design for search engine ranking for relevant key words and even the most basic websites we design have some SEO. See our Web Design SEO page for more details.


Affordable Website Design Prices From £250

As each website we design is unique and bespoke it can be difficult to say exactly how much the website design will cost without knowing all the details. However, our Web Design Prices page shows the typical breakdown of charges for different types of website. Our web design prices start from just £250 including web hosting and domain registration.

Free Website Consultation

Chinkin Design offer a free website design consultation to all prospective web design clients. We can help you decide what kind of website would be best suited to your business and talk you through the web design services that we could offer you. Come and meet us for a chat about your website.


Web Design Questionnaire

In order to design the most appropriate website for a business we ask all our web design clients to complete our web design questionnaire. This goes through a series of questions about the nature of their business and the website they want us to design. The answers then help to guide the web design process and ensure we have a common vision and goal for the finished website. See the questionnaire


Website Hosting

We offer a complete website hosting service for all our web design clients at unbeatable prices. We take the hassle out of the process by doing all the work required to get the website up and running including setting up email addresses, ftp accounts etc.. We are also happy to deploy any website we deign to the host of your choice. See our Website Hosting page


Website Maintenance and Updates

Chinkin Design are pleased to offer our website maintenance service to all out web design clients. We are happy to add and update web pages and content on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis and have a fast turnaround time. There are no monthly fees or ongoing charges for this service; you simply pay for the time it takes us to make the updates and not a penny more. See our Website Maintenance page


Content Management Systems (CMS)

We recognise that many clients want full control over the content of their websites and for those who need to make regular updates and additions a content management system (CMS) is appropriate. More than just Wordpress - Chinkin Design work with our clients to deliver bespoke CMS solutions that give contributors secure, role based access to manage their own website content in the most appropriate way for them. See our Content Management Systems page