Content Management Systems (CMS)

Without a CMS, you cannot update your own website without some web design knowledge. You would also run the risk of messing up your website and having to pay for our time to fix it again. However, for most websites we design, our website maintenance service is sufficient to make any required changes and updates to your website.

If a client wishes to make frequent updates to their website or wants full control over the pages and content then we can build their website with a content management system. This allows them to securely log in and manage the content of the website themselves without any expert web design knowledge.

Bespoke Content Management Systems

Each website we design is unique and designed for an individual client. The same is true for the content management systems we implement. We work with our web design clients to deliver the most appropriate CMS solution for their needs. Depending on the nature of your business and the website you want we can create the perfect CMS admin environment for your website to give you the right level of control over the content of the web pages.

We don’t use Wordpress to make websites because we prefer to design each element ourselves for full control over the way a website looks and functions. If you really want a Wordpress website then we can put you in touch with several fantastic Wordpress designers.

Partial CMS Websites

A common situation is where a client wants to be able to add to and update certain sections of their website such as news and image galleries without needing to change the rest of the content. This requires less work and can be a good compromise for clients with a lower budget. Whatever your CMS requirements are, we are happy to build you the perfect CMS website for your needs.

Do you need a CMS?

Many of our clients want control over their website. However, A CMS is a significant addition to a website and takes time to implement as it adds a whole new layer of complication to the design process. A CMS website needs to have a database and a secure user interface to allow updates to be made and the design needs to allow for a wide range of potential updates. This typically adds at least £200 to the final price of a website. In addition, where a client manages the content for their own website, there is the potential to undo lots of our good design and SEO work if things are changed too much. Furthermore, it is our experience that when we do add a CMS to a website the client often ends up making less use of it than they thought. In many cases you would be better off making use of our website maintenance service instead.