Exclusive Website Hosting

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We exclusively offer website hosting to our web design clients. Our website hosting is reliable and affordable and provided through a highly reputable UK based web host. We take the worry and hassle out of choosing a website hosting package. By managing the web hosting for websites we design, we ensure we have direct access to all the settings we might need to change and can easily fix things if they go wrong.

Website Hosting Prices

Our shared website hosting price structure is simple:

Basic Hosting - £35 per year

Database Driven Website Hosting - £50 per year

(You also get a lot more disk space and bandwidth with the £50 hosting)

Website Hosting Features

Each hosted website comes with ample storage and data transfer allowance for most users needs. However, if you need more than 100 email addresses, 10gb of disk space or 150gb per month data transfer allowance then you will require a dedicated hosting solution.

Websites hosted by us are subject to the terms and conditions of the hosting provider which can be supplied on request. We make sure that all the sites we design comply to these conditions.